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'Full House' home sells for under asking

Can you put a price on TV memories? Yes, $4 million.

Bad news, children of the '90s: The chance to own a piece of TV history to the tune of $4 million just passed most of us by, as the noted "Full House House" at 1709 Broderick Street is off the market after wrapping up a sale Thursday.

Surprisingly, the three-bed, three-and-a-half-bath, 3,000 foot Pacific Heights Victorian with the awesome wallpaper, striped kitchen floors, and countless schmaltzy memories circa 1987-1995 couldn’t quite command its full original asking price. The $4 million receipt is $150,000 less than the home asked back in May.

Granted, the difference is arguably marginal. And, yes, the house actually had almost nothing to do with the TV program that made it famous, only appearing in brief establishing shots before the scene dissolved to the set in a Los Angeles studio.

Still, it’s one of the most recognizable properties in the city. And itt was designed by Charles Hinkel in 1883, making it a true gem of classic San Francisco architecture by any standard.

Maybe prospective buyers didn’t find the classical floor plan and (downright stunning) decor by Courtnay Haden Daniels (who was the previous owner) as impressive as we did?

But most likely nobody's crying over this $4 million payout; Daniels bought it in 2006 for $1.85 million, the equivalent of about $2.2 million today.

If you’re curious, the Tanner family would have had to pay $725,000 for it in 1990, right at the height of Full House fame. That’s over $1.3 million today.

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