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Two Mint Plaza units combine into one gorgeous, contemporary flat

Très hip, no?

That small stretch of a plaza just off Fifth Street, known as Mint Plaza, is an intriguing one. Complete with a trendy new sushi joint and a noted cafe, it’s also near the brouhaha of Market Street, making it an excellent spot should one want to live the ultimate downtown lifestyle.

To that end, this unit inside Mint Plaza has opened up, and it’s quite the looker. Featuring two beds, two baths, and 2,653 square feet, the flat is actually two spaces renovated into one large, one-level abode.

Of note are the polished concrete floors (ideal for dancing in one’s socks) and the cityscape views from the windows. (While some elements are a tad dated, overall this is one bonkers home.) Other amenities include rooftop access (spa included) and one-car garage.

HOAs come in at $1,836. Asking is $2,850,000.

Mint Plaza

1 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103