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Mammoth 10-bed Russian Hill Victorian asks $4.9 million

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There are even plans for an addition (assuming anyone could possibly need it?)

Whenever you think you’ve seen just about everything the city has to offer by way of 1906 Victorians, along comes another surprise. In this case, 2806 Van Ness Avenue, listed as a single 10 bed, six bath home/office with nearly 5,000 square feet, asking $4.95 million.

Yes, ten bedrooms, in a four-story Russian Hill building that even has room for a basement. The enormous proportions may be accounted for by the fact that this was once a boarding house. Most Vics of this size have been divided since then, but this one appears to be still a single, honking single-family home.

(City records mark it as seven bedrooms and four baths, but those tend to be spotty.)

If that doesn’t beat all, there are submitted (but not yet approved) plans for a four-story addition on the back. Why in the world anyone would need it we don’t know, but sky’s the limit apparently.

The boarding house racket was all well and good for 1906, but what do you do with a place like this today? Well, you could run a business out of it. Sitting right on the Lombard Street corridor, it’s zoned RC-3, allowing both commercial and residential use. In fact, that appears to be the present owner’s kick: 2806 Van Ness is the listed address for HCMH Enterprise, a candle distributor.

Precisely how many candles you can fit into a building like this we don’t know. Ultimately, it might not matter what you do with the place, because whether you’re selling candles or raising an enormous family of nine kids, it’s probably going to be the hands-down prettiest place you could possibly do it in.

The building last sold in 2008 for $2.2 million (arguably a bargain, considering it was basically a bulk purchase). Zillow lists a dizzying array of price changes since November, from $4.98 million up to $5.5 million, then right back down to $4.98, and finally to the present $4.95. The site mixes those records up from time to time, though so take the apparent flip-flopping with a grain of salt.