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Escalating hillside Tiburon house asks $2.1 million

Despite its tasteful contemporary trappings, it’s over a century old

At first glance, the climbing vertical home at 59 Eastview in Tiburon looks more like a storybook illustration of a house layout than the real deal.

But no, this is a genuine property, a three-bed, two-bath, 1,400-foot-square home whose three levels (accessible only via a set of 59 steps) clamor up the hillside to peer over the nearby yacht club and the bay beyond from three escalating balconies.

Inside it’s all clean lines, white space, and giant windows (all the way up to the vaulted ceiling), similar to modernist style homes that are increasingly common on the hills of San Francisco (where they tend to just sit rather than clinging to the hillside like this one, but even so). But despite the very contemporary appearance, this place actually dates to 1915. The previous owner (an architect) took it "back to the studs" in 2012.

Despite the overhaul, the 101-year pedigree may be part of the reason a house like this seems to have a little more character and charm than newer homes with similar aesthetics. It could just be smart photography, but there’s something a bit homey and old-fashioned about this place, even with the glass banisters and Midcentury-style roof angles on the upper floors.

The asking price for this baby is $2.1 million. Previously, it sold in 2013 for $1.37 million, after lingering on the market for over 10 months. We expect it will probably attract a faster buy this time…unless everyone’s afraid of heights?