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Cool dad hires skater/artist Michael Kershnar to create son's bedroom mural

Instead of using a children’s illustrator or Thomas the Train posters, one pop decided to give his son’s decor a wisp of street cred

Michael Kershnar, noted artist and ska8r boi, is known in art circles for this murals, typically involving nature and the spiritual world. (You can see his work on the exterior of Haight Street’s Amoeba Records.) He was recently tapped by Silicon Valley bigwig Neal Howard George to create a work for his six-year-old son.

And it’s pretty sweet.

In a recent episode of Houzz, the story of how the mural came to fruition was revealed. George asked his son for his favorite animal. The answer: a cheetah. So dad hired San Francisco-based Kershnar to conceive and execute a color-rich, floor-to-ceiling huge on his kid’s bedroom walls.

Palo Alto

In addition to a cheetah, Kershnar painted two hummingbirds on another wall.

"When hummingbirds feed from flowers, they nourish themselves, but they also nourish the flowers. Just like bees," Kershnar tells Houzz. "As you’re giving, you’re also receiving. It’s a really positive way to be in the world."

Palo Alto

Check out Kershner inside the artist residency he manages, The Growlery, in the Haight.