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Curbed Comparisons: What $6,300 rents you in San Francisco

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Your top picks for top dollar

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out.Today's price: $6,300.

↑ Let's start with the showiest possible listing: an apartment in Russian Hill, right at the base of the windy stretch of Lombard Street. Say what you will, but there aren't many nationally famous landmarks you can rent 1,600 feet of space on for $6,300/month. (The Statue of Liberty's crown runs twice that.) The unit itself is two beds and two baths in a building dating to 1941 that's not even the tiniest bit show about showing off. The lease allows both dogs and cats.

↑ Speaking of showy, here's a flat in the Castro that wants you to forget all about that crooked street, enticing you with views of Dolores Park immediately across the street, plus period details of a 1910 building like a box beam ceiling and all of the original wood. It's two beds and two baths for $6,300/month, and the landlord throws in the cost of the utilities. (Which for six grand a month, more places ought to consider.) The only disappointment is there's no mention of pets.

↑ Completing a trifecta of prestige neighborhoods right next to landmarks, here's an apartment in North Beach cottage for $6,250/month right in the shadow of Coit Tower. Once again it's two bedrooms, once again it's a classic building (1907 this time), and once again the place lays it on thick showing off its sense of taste, with Waterford chandeliers and a garden bedecked with birds of paradise. No word on the pets here either, though; maybe they're trying to reel us in with a sense of mystery?

↑ What piece of San Francisco history are most renters keen to be adjacent to? Rent control. Here's a Victorian in the Haight with four bedrooms, a red-brick entryway so bright and vibrant that it's probably visible from the next ZIP code, and a rent control guarantee on the $6,250/month rent. The ad reassures us that it's a "real" four bed, with no living rooms thinly disguised as bedrooms (some people will try anything to get you into an open house). Note that there's but a single "split" bathroom for the whole place, and a strict anti-pet policy. You can't have it all.

↑ In closing, here's a four bed, three bath, 1,920 foot flat in the Richmond with a style all its own for $6,295/month. You're looking at eucalyptus floors, mosaic glass, marble counters, and one of the rarest amenities of all: open-door policy for pets.