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Presidio Heights top-floor makeover shines to the tune of $1.49 million

50 shades of grey, but in a good way

Look, we get it. Yes, we hear you. Antiseptic renovations—the ones so popular these days, wreaking irreversible havoc on many of our city’s historic Victorians—are a problem. But sometimes, once in a while, we find one that does it right.

This top-floor condo in tony Laurel Heights does just that.

Coming in at 2 beds, two bath, and approximately 1,200 square feet, the flat at 432 Laurel was renovated several years ago, last sold in 2013 for $1,349,000. It comes with a gas fireplace, roof deck access, vaulted ceilings, and more.

Sure, it comes with all of the contemporary renovation trappings (Carrera counters, white interiors galore), but if you had to live in a major renovation, this one wouldn’t be so bad. Not bad at all.

HOAs come to $250. Asking is $1,495,000.