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Untouched Glen Park midcentury asks $2.29 million

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Rare 1970 house lands on the market for the first time since it was built

At the tail end of the midcentury aesthetic is this untouched midcentury house at 60 Laidley. Located atop Glen Park, it is nothing short of astounding. Also rare, insofar as the San Francisco market goes, is how it’s come away unscathed over the years.

And just look at it. It is—gasp—glorious.

Coming in at three beds, and two and a quarter (!) baths, and 1,501 square feet, this 1970 home still features original period details. Which means that, indeed, the walls come with wood paneling.

Other aesthetic thrills are the hardwood floors, exposed beams and vaulted ceilings, and brick fireplace (with two kinds of brick!), built-ins, and more.

This is also the first time this house has been on the market since 1970—meaning, it could use a touch up, of course. However, one hopes that a it doesn’t fall victim to the remodeler’s pen, especially in these trying antiseptic renovation times.

Asking is $2,295,000.

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