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Salty Duboce Triangle residents want to stop neighborhood film crews

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Life on one of San Francisco’s most sought-after streets, in one of the city’s priciest neighborhoods, isn’t always filled with Heath Ceramics, athleisure wear, and grass-fed pork belly. Sometimes it involves frustrating film shoots with grouchy crews.

Anonymous residents, at the border of Lower Haight and Duboce Triangle, recently aired their frustration at such film shoots on their street, via a terse, printed-out flyer. As SFist notes, "It unclear what films or TV shows have been repeatedly returning to the area, but apparently Potomac is a particularly desirable SF shooting location."

Sadly, the missive, featuring bolded words and varying font sizes for emphasis, hits below the belt, citing "angry Italian producers."

That being said, one can sympathize with the frustration brought on by some film crews. It’s true. Production crews can be coarse and, at times, try preventing you from getting to and from your home. [Ed. note: "I don’t care if Rosario Dawson is filming her big scene, I need to get my apartment," I once explained to an angry clipboard-carrying production crew member during a 2 am shooting of RENT.] Alas, yet another price one must pay to live in a gorgeous metropolis.

No film crew is ever legally allowed to stop you from walking on the sidewalk, by the way. Something to keep in mind.

Anyway, the Potomac residents are trying to persuade fellow Duboce-ians to call San Francisco Film Commission and urge "NO MORE ON POTOMAC."