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Landmark Berkeley mansion snips $700K off asking

Major coin comes off stately 1910 property built for oil baron

Originally built for oil baron/banker Paul 0. Tietzen, 2840 Claremont landed on the market in June to the tune of $5.45 million. Well, a few months later, it’s since pruned its asking down to $4,75 million, according to listing agent Allen Hibbard.

Noted for being in one of the nicest (read: chi-chi) East Bay neighborhoods, this eight-bed, five-and-a-half bath, 8,639-square-foot mansion helped spark the Claremont Court area.

As Curbed SF reported in June, this is the first time the 1910 estate has been on the market in 48 years." Per Berkeleyside. "David and Sylvia Tower, the founders of the Berkeley Psychotherapy Clinic, purchased the property in 1968. They were just the third owners. David Tower died in 2014."

While utterly gorgeous and reminiscent of a bygone era, the entire house could use a loving renovation. (Note: This is a landmark, so any willynilly renovation would be a bit of a challenge, red tape-wise.)

As Curbed SF commenter ecohistorical pointed out, "If only it didn’t need $2M-$3M to update/repair/remodel it from top to bottom…new kitchen(s), baths, floor refinishing if not replacement, lighting, plumbing, or to quote the King of Siam from The King and I, ‘etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.’ "