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11 Instagram photos Bay Area nature lovers will love

In honor of the National Park Service platinum anniversary

Happy birthday, National Park Service. In honor of the federal agency’s 100th anniversary (which was actually yesterday, but we put this off just long enough to give your weekend plans a jump start), here’s a sampling of the Bay Area’s natural charms, many of which wouldn’t be here at all if not for a century of hard work ever since Teddy Roosevelt opened NPS’s doors in 1916.

Golden Gate Park (not actually an NPS ward, but we could hardly start with anything else)

Trail to the Upside Down #strangerthings

A photo posted by ((((Marvin)))) (@relaxbabybecool) on

Marin Headlands

Muir Woods

A photo posted by Wild Bay Area (@wildbayarea) on


A photo posted by Thu Vo (@thuddles) on

China Beach

Lands End

A photo posted by Cari (@sfguamgirl) on

Alcatraz Island

A photo posted by Rebecca Walczak (@rmwalcz) on

Mori Point

#moripoint #sanfrancisco #usa#sea #flowers #sun##sunset#awesomepix

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Point Reyes National Seashore

A photo posted by Bobby Gibbons (@gibbons) on

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