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Duboce Triangle lemonade stand swiped last night [Update: It's been found]

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Not so cute theft leaves sour taste in residents’ mouths

Update: It's been found!

Months after Duboce Triangle’s little free library closed due to arson and vandalism, the Noe So Cute lemonade stand was stolen last night.


"We've given up on the Library (at least until the City starts taking the crime, vandalism, the homeless and dangerous wackos seriously)," area resident Jamison W. tells Hoodline, "but are considering building another stand, since it's a lot cheaper and simpler to build."

While the twee street accent brought a smile to the face of many passersby, it is important to remember that San Francisco is a dense metropolis where items get stolen off of sidewalks, stairwells, nooks, plant boxes with extreme regularity. Unfortunately, these things happen. And it’s too bad.

The Noe So Cute lemonade stand is noteworthy not for hawking cups of citrus refreshment, but for bearing ever-changing topical messages on its adorable little marquee. Behold:

If there's one thing I love it's stopping by #NoeSoCute to brush up on my current events. #stilllifewithgambit

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My neighborhood kissing booth/psychiatrist's office is feeling Brussels this week. #noesocute

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Anti #noesocute sign left at our lemonade stand and free lending library.

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Memorial. #nice #vivelafrance #noesocute

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Make Russia Great Again.

A photo posted by Jamison Wieser (@jamisonsf) on

Memorial. #noesocute #ripprince #prince

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A photo posted by Kyle Minor (@kyleminor) on

Aid station. #noesocute #thedoctorisin #lucy #peanuts #charlesschulz #nofilter

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Live long and prosper #noesocute #Spock #StarTrek (where is my #Vulcan salute emoji)

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Je Suis Charlie #draftingdesk #noesocute

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Serial - Extra episodes just 5 cents on Noe!

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