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Now you can draw a subway map and Muni will consider it

If you want something done right, do it yourself

It’s the dream of every San Francisco commuter: Sit down with a map of San Francisco and a box of crayons and draw in a new subway line wherever you like. Well brace yourselves, workaday Muni riders, because your dream is coming true.

For the most part.

First off, no crayons. (Sorry.) Second, your map isn’t going to translate into the reality of a multi-million dollar mass transit infrastructure project, unless you turn out to be some sort of transit prodigy whose brilliant but practical designs take SFMTA by storm.

Even so, the MTA's Subway Visions page does indeed invite you to treat the city streets like a big sandbox and add in new stations and lines wherever you please, be they for Muni, BART, or even a system all your own. Push the "submit" button on the interactive map and you’ll fire your creation off to the honchos in charge.

All of our designs might not be plausible (particularly since a lot of us will probably just make emojis or several connecting lines in the shape of a cat), but they will tell the city what our priorities are and where most people feel new avenues are needed.

Plus, it’s just a fun way to kill half an hour on your commute, and an remarkably cathartic experience for anyone who has ever felt stranded or neglected by a relative lack of underground largess on your block.