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Parisian-style Nob Hill 'jewel box' charms to the tune of $1.2 million

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Oh la la, indeed

Keep the Victorians. Save the Edwardians for another time. And put Eichler on hold. Right now it’s all about this jewel box Parisian-style home at 12 Auburn in Nob Hill.

Emanating whiffs of the Left Bank, rather than one of the San Francisco’s toniest neighborhoods, little touches like a crimson facade, wrought-iron window planter, and charming alleyway make this house an absolute standout.

What also separates it from the rest: It’s a single-family home, something not often found in Nob Hill; however, there’s no parking at all (even directly outside) and the space is a tight fit.

Two bedrooms (well, three if you count the bed in the partially finished basement a bedroom), one bath, and approximately 1,060 square feet come with the place. Also, the kitchen and bathroom have been redone since it last sold.

It sold in 2000 for a mere $325,000, last selling in 2012 for $732,000.

It’s now asking $1.2 million. Mon dieu.