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Own an absolutely fabulous Dolores Heights house starting at $2.29 million

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Featuring decor that brings to mind Z Gallery, but in the best way possible

Pipe-dreamingly located at Sanchez and Liberty, this four-bed and two-bath home at 755 Sanchez boasts detailed accents and flourishes throughout. In a sea of antiseptic renovations, one has to appreciate the flair this abode brings to the table.

Even if it does play it safe with the same neutral hues we’ve seen time and again.

Anyway, this perfectly situated home (at the nexus of the Mission, Noe Valley, and the Castro) features a garden entry, extra bedroom in the attic (with vaulted ceilings), and, as the ad points out, a flexible floor-plan [that] is currently used as two-units [two kitchens] and can be delivered vacant or with Airbnb income."

How very San Francisco 2016.

The circa 1909 home last sold in 2007 for $1,465,000. Today it lands on the market at $2,995,000.