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Riley Curry’s new playhouse is better than your home

It’s pony-themed, and it’s spectacular

Incorrigible whippersnapper Riley Curry, eldest daughter of Ayesha and Steph Curry, deserves a playhouse as adorable as she is. And she got it.

last night, the Golden State Warriors’ star player and his family appeared on TLC’s new series Playhouse Masters, which features playrooms and childhood forts that most of us only dream of in our youth.

Among the many features this equine-themed house comes with: a built-in ball pit with nightclub-like lighting schematics, second level with slide, vaulted ceilings, and wood accents throughout.

Fabulous. All around.

Please take a moment to watch Steph fall backward into the ball pit.

And now, check out the entire family enjoying Riley’s rad new digs:

Watch the entire segment here.

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