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Call for submissions: Curbed SF wants to see your tiny home

Find out how to have your tiny apartment (or house, or boat, or whatnot) featured during Curbed SF’s upcoming Micro Week

Here at Curbed SF, we like to bring you both extremes on the real estate spectrum: the biggest, most extravagant homes in the city, along with the tiniest of the tiny apartments. But it’s the latter that we want to celebrate during Curbed SF’s Micro Week, coming up this fall.

We will honor and shed a big light on all things small—streets, parks, public spaces, getaways, restaurants, and the like—but most importantly, we will be looking at the itty-bitty, teensy-weensy dwellings that San Franciscans and Bay Area residents call home.

And here’s where you come in, readers: Do you live in a micro-apartment? Have you cleverly configured your small space with a loft bed, or folding furniture? Do you have a horror story about micro-housing? Are you extremely proud of your stylish, tiny digs? We want to hear all about it if so! We’d especially love to see small homes for our House Calls tours.

Check out some of the best small spaces that Curbed SF has featured in its House Calls series below, and if you’d like to see your micro-apartment (or other type of tiny home!) featured, hit the tipline.