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Checking in on the Salesforce Tower construction

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Level update, and more

For those of you yearning to know exactly what floor the noted Salesforce Tower is on, the answer today would be the 46th.

Of the 81 floors skyrocketing up in Yerba Buena, Salesforce took time today to update us on their progress. Behold:

Getting a good neck stretch looking up to Floor 46! #momentumisrising #progress #supertall #construction #ilovesf

A photo posted by Salesforce Tower (@salesforcetower) on

As for how many floors they work on a week, the answer would be three, at least according to city’s cherished/revered architectural critic John King. Voila:

As previously reported, the nascent construction is already at odds with its neighbor, the Millennium Tower. After it was revealed that the tony residential tower was both sinking and tilting, they blamed current Transbay Transit Center construction on their own structural snafu.

Update: Per SFist, Salesforce shot back at the Millennium Tower via this Facebook post:

This has been your Salesforce Tower construction update.


, San Francisco, CA

Transbay Tower

101 First Street, san francisco, ca