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Trader Joe's coming to impossible Fourth and Market area

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It will go inside the 21,000-square-foot basement space below Old Navy

In what’s already a congested and frantic area of the city, a new Trader Joe’s is poised to take root at Fourth and Market, slated for a tentative October opening date.

"Applications for positions at the forthcoming grocery store can be submitted at any local Trader Joe's location," reports Hoodline. "An official opening date has not been set, she added, but sometime this October is likely."

While this store will be great for the area, which has seen an uptick in residents as of late, it could be a problem since it won’t offer parking (the closest parking lot is a long block away at Mission and Fourth) and it’s located at basement level. It will also compete with Whole Foods (down the street at Harrison) and Safeway (at Townsend). However, its close proximity to public transit does make it ideal.

Hopefully, the new store won’t become the City Target of Trader Joe’s—which is to say, it could turn into a fraught and somewhat grimy shopping experience. Time will tell.

But hey, where else are you going to get Cookie Butter? Trek all the way to Ninth and Brannan? Perish the thought.