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$200K gets you a big rock in Telegraph Hill

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Unparalleled views galore! And, well, that’s about it.

Now is your chance—at last—to purchase a piece of property in tony Telegraph Hill for under a half million. Which is fantastic news.

However, the downside is that it appears to be nothing more than a rocky cliffside, right above Sansome.

While this rustic sandstone and limestone property, if you will, looks downright impossible to build on, it is zoned for residential.

"A pre-application meeting will help determine exactly what will be permitted but assume for example that a person might build a three-story building, about 1000 square feet per floor, perhaps an office on ground floor and residential above," says the property's listing agent Anthony Koutsos, adding, "access is via Union street so the buyer will have to build a driveway or walkway on 20 feet of the undeveloped portion of Union street to drive or walk to the lot.

One can only imagine what it will cost the prospective buyer. But anything is possible with enough pluck, spirit, and hefty pocketbook.

And if a multi-million dollar pad isn’t possible, 202 Union is also ripe for a Crossfit tech billionaire to come along and turn it into an outdoor climbing gym.

Just a thought.