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This is the most expensive home for sale in Santa Cruz

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Keep Santa Cruz weird—and expensive

In part of our ongoing series showcasing the most expensive asking price on the market in a sundry of assorted Bay Area towns, today we head south to wacky Santa Cruz to see what they have to offer.

Located at 4600 Opal Cliff Drive, this three-bed, three-bath, 2,604-square-foot ranch style home sits perched above the cliffs in the city’s east side.

In addition to views of Monterey and beyond, this home features a pool, gated community atmosphere, the ability to park an astounding 15 vehicles should one so desire, and a beach out your back door.

It could use a nice refresh from someone who wants to plunk down a serious chunk of change for this 1950 house.

Asking price is $6.95 million.