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Sinking Millennium Tower: 10 most important things you should know

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A quick brief on what’s (literally) going down

Patricia Chang

As the city’s most epic real estate battle begins, there are a few things you should know about the Millennium Tower sink/tilt snafu. After Monday’s news story broke, care of the Chronicle’s Matier and Ross, many of you might still be wondering, "What’s the Millennium Tower? And why should I care?"

Here are ten helpful tidbits you should know about Yerba Buena’s most prestigious high-rise in peril.

  • Contrary to the word being tossed around so liberally these days, the Millennium Tower is noted as the most luxurious residential until in San Francisco, arguably all of California.
  • The building is filled with moneyed tenants from hero Giants slugger Hunter Pence and, at one time, Joe Montana.
  • The 58-story tower has piles driven only into dense sand, not the bedrock, which is why, in part, it tilted and sank ten inches.
  • Who doesn’t build into bedrock, seriously?!
  • High-rises typically do not settle at this rate; the Petronas Towers (1999), by comparison, sank only two inches

  • The building is tilting west and northwest away from the Transit Center, though that’s not visible to the naked eye.
  • Millennium Tower has publicly blamed the Transbay Center (TJPA) construction.
  • Transbay Center ( has the receipts.
  • Neighbors are distancing themselves from the leaning tower.
  • Taxpayers could end up paying for the repairs.

And now you know. More to come.

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