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High & Low: San Francisco's most and least expensive homes this week

A Parisian dream scales Nob Hill, and a Tenderloin holdout gives out

Friday means it’s time for the High & the Low, a Curbed SF column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. So who scored what this week, and for how much (or little) did they get it?

No need to so much as check twice, the city’s priciest home sale this week was 1230 Sacramento, the "Parisian-style" dreamboat on Nob Hill that we first looked at back in May. The four-story, 4,600 foot dish is a rare single family home in the neighborhood and dates to 1915, with every ounce of early 20th century class that can possibly be resorted poured back into its frame.

Last sold in 2008 for $6.4 million, the three-bed home with a wheel window in the dining room asked $10 million even this time. The final receipt after three months waiting was just a touch less at $9.75 million. Because what’s a quarter million between friends?

On the other end of on the mortgage stratum, the city’s cheapest home deal this week was a studio at South Beach’s 1 Federal Street, sold for only $215,000. But since we don’t usually count BMR sales, the frugality award must instead go to a Tenderloin studio in one of those big, beautiful Tenderloin buildings dating back to 1930, in this case the Hamilton at 631 O’Farrell Street.

The price here was $495,000, and a hard-fought deal it was, too. The number 1006 apartment here was on sale for more than a year, first popping up in July of 2015 for nearly $675,000. It cut its price five times (and delisted once) over the course of 13 months, eventually selling for $5,000 less than the most recent price cut last Friday.

Quite a contest, all told. Hopefully the lucky buyer enjoys those stained glass windows in the bed nook all the more for having saved five grand on it.