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Tiny Oakland home, with tiny studio, asks tiny sum of $400,000

Hello there, little fella

Over in Oakland, this tiny home landed on the market back in August. And it still has yet to find a buyer. Not only is a diminutive home in Oakland unusual, it’s also rare to find one with its own studio.

All combined, the square footage totals 1,298 square feet. The main house at front comes with two beds and one bath. The back studio, which was presumably a shed in its former incarnation, features one bath.

The ad also notes that the entire property boasts a "long driveway." So, you know, there’s that.

New fixtures, new paint, and tentatively legal, it's an ideal spot for someone who doesn't want to pay much for not much in the heart of Oakland. All things considered, though, it’s a place in the East Bay on the cheap. Not too s

Asking is $400,000.