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Millennium Tower condo, most expensive one-bedroom in S.F., cuts price

Troubled tower’s chi-chi flat sinks price

Millennium Tower Photo by Patricia Chang / Curbed SF

Noted as San Francisco’s most expensive one-bedroom on the market, this ostentatious gem in the troubled Millennium Tower reduced its price this week, pruning $200,000 off asking.

This bonkers one-bedroom comes two bathrooms, 1,800 square feet, and a "club-like" (i.e., dark?) atmosphere.

Asking dips from $3,800,000 to $3,600,000. And it still holds the title of most expensive one-bedroom in the city.

While it’s tempting to suggest that the recent reports of the tony tower’s sinkage and tilting caused this recent reduction, other on-market condos in the building have not dropped their asking prices. Not yet, anyway.

But let’s face it: an all-around price devaluation is not only a sound idea, it’s inevitable.

If you recall, the luxe residential tower, built into dense sand in lieu of the more secure bedrock beneath, came under fire after the structure was discovered to not only be sinking but also tilting at an alarming rate.

Real-estate chaos has since ensued.

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Millennium Tower

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