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Stunning Sausalito houseboat wades to the tune of $2.82 million

The architectural touches inside this houseboat could make up for the siren song of an asking price

While some find it necessary eschew San Francisco housing prices in favor of dropping anchor inside a Bay Area harbor, this bonkers houseboat at 59 Issaquah Dock in Sausalito boasts a price that rivals some of the city's steepest askings.

Coming in at two beds, three baths, and 1,838-square-foot, this circa 1965 floating home in the Waldo Point Harbor lands on the market for a whopping $2,820,000.

Of particular interest is the geometric dome living/dining room, hardwood floors, two kitchens, and—of course—180-degree views of the bay.

In addition to a few million dollars, the owner would also have to pay other costs As noted on SocketSite, asking "doesn’t include its berth which is rented for $1,200 per month."

But still, a downright cool home right on the water if you can float that price tag.