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Watch Buddhist monks create a sand mandala at Google’s S.F. office

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It should be completed by Thursday

Frank Underwood references aside, check out the colorful sand mandala underway at Google’s Spear Street offices in San Francisco. Buddhist monks began creating it on Monday. Soon after it’s done, the mandala will be ceremoniously destroyed.

Per Buddhist tradition, mandalas are created using fine grains of dyed sand, which are then vibrated out onto an intricate geometric pattern. They are especially meditative for those who are creating the pieces.

Symbolically destroyed to signify the brevity of life and the material world, among other spiritual beliefs, what better place to do it than at a Google office.

We will update with more imagery as the mandala nears completion. Estimated time of arrival is this Thursday, according to Googlers.


Master at work

A video posted by Arthur Le Meur (@trombinoscope) on

Busy working with Ruby here! (Buddhist monks are here doing a sand mandala)

A video posted by Matt McMahon (@mcmattmahon) on

Could watch this all day And yes, those are grains of sand. Estimated time of completion: Thursday #patience

A photo posted by Natalie Gross (@nataliegross) on

Sand mandala #mandala #sandmandala

A photo posted by Julio M Alegria (@juliomalegria) on

Some real House of Cards shit going down at the Google offices #mandala #farcry

A photo posted by Vasco (@vasc0) on

Day 2 of the amazing Mandala being done in the office #art #mandala

A video posted by nmatares (@nmatares) on

beautiful sand mandala in the making

A photo posted by Fifi (@sophopolis) on

Day 3: a detail shot... #mandala #art

A photo posted by nmatares (@nmatares) on

Sand mandala #mandala #sandmandala

A photo posted by Julio M Alegria (@juliomalegria) on

In the office today: Tibetan monks creating art out of millions of grains of sand. Because, why not?...

A photo posted by Clarissa Bukhan (@clarissa.bee) on