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This is the most expensive home for sale in Piedmont

Lavish 1915 East Bay gem mixes midcentury interiors to create one pricey pad

On the heels of Napa, Tiburon, and Santa Cruz, here now is the most pricey home on the market in the small East Bay town of Piedmont. Sleek, no?

Coming in at seven bedrooms, seven baths, and 7,312 square feet, this impressive estate at 47 Bellevue features an elevator, midcentury accents, two gardens, a tennis court, and—alas—fluorescent lighting in the basement. (Outside of a garage, there should some sort of law banning residential fluorescent lighting. Yes, even in the kitchen.)

Built in 1915, this is an overall impressive house. Even the built-ins, typically shunned by buyers, aren’t that bad. So that's something.

Asking comes in at $6,950,000.