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Two-story Pacific Heights penthouse features angularity, $1.95 million asking

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Top-drawer living, folks

Over at 3294 Clay in the tony Pac Heights hood, this sleek two-story condo lands on the market. And it’s quite a beauty.

The first floor comes with the usual features—three bedrooms, one bath, lots of space. Edwardian charm. But the top floor, an add on, maintains the original structure’s integrity. It boasts vaulted ceilings with exposed beams that give this place a dramatic feel.

Also of note, the kitchen is on the top floor. Which, while uncommon, makes for a unique layout. Probably not ideal for the blessedly tall, but an utterly charming abode nevertheless.

Three beds, two baths, and 2,0006 square feet over all. HOAs come to $588/month. Asking is $1,950,000.