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Demolished studio in the Mission asks $175,000

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Oh dear

What appears to be a pile of rubble at 160 Julian is, according to the agent’s ad, an "investment property," one block away from the 16th Street BART station.

What's more, it is probably one of the best deals we have seen in eons, because understanding and appreciating San Francisco real estate requires a good dose of Stockholm Syndrome.

As suggested in the ad, it’s a post-demolition "blank slate"—i.e., no fixtures, no plumbing, no floors, no nothing. Curbed SF contacted the property’s agent for more details. He wouldn’t tell us much other than to quietly say, "It’s a remodel."

So, there you have it.

Also noted in the ad: "This unit is sold in conjunction with 160 Julian St #2 and owner prefers to sell them to the same buyer. Currently all expenses paid as they arise."

But should one want to purchase it by itself, it could be a steal. Even hiring a backhoe for $20,000 still puts this property at under $200K.

It will, most likely, sell for over asking. Earlier this year, if you recall, a total disaster in the Sunset asking $799K sold for $1.21 million. Anything is possible.