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Apple cofounder puts Carmel Valley Ranch home on market for $45 million

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Purchased in 1982 for $8 million, this expansive property could offer lots of construction potential for those who—ahem—think different

Though company cofounder Mike Markkula is known as the Michelle Williams of Apple (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak being Beyoncé and Kelly Rowlands, respectively), he deserves more credit with helping the company during its nascent years.

"Steve and I get a lot of credit, but Mike Markkula was probably more responsible for our early success, and you never hear about him," said Wozniak in a 2012 interview.

And with that, the Angel Investor has re-listed his Carmel Valley Ranch home this week, asking a whopping $45 million. (A bargain from its 2013 asking of $56 million, comparatively-speaking.)

The 5,413-square-foot main property features one bedroom, one bath and two half-baths. Not a lot of rooms for such a price tag. Perhaps its big selling point, it seems, are all of the extras—a private lake, a couple of barns, a riding arena, and a 2,900-foot landing strip for your airplane.

There’s also a two-bedroom guest wing, as well as a separate two-bedroom guesthouse.

"We wanted some place where there would be enough land around us that it would be private and quiet," Markkula tells Wall Street Journal, nothing that he paid $8 million for it back in 1982.

The entire estate, located at 35351 Carmel Valley Road, comes off more like a compound or church camp than a luxe tech billionaire’s abode. Much could be done with the space and, more crucially, the house itself should the right buyer come along.