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Pacific Heights top-floor flat impresses, asks $1.19 million

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Corner unit in the city’s toniest neighborhood wants a very pretty penny

This classic-meets-contemporary flat in Pacific Heights is what the Pacific Heights lifestyle is all about—pricey, exclusive, and exceedingly tasteful almost to a fault.

Located on the top floor of a 10-unit building at 2155 Buchanan, this 1919 building’s corner unit sold five years ago for only $875,000. A half a decade later, it’s worth far more today. This two-bed, one-bath, 1,162-square-foot home features semi-updated kitchen, baths, and floors.

On the plus side, the windows retain their period details and the dining room is lovely. On the downside, the laundry is shared with other residents of the building. Still, a chic place to live in Pac Heights if living the manse lifestyle isn’t your bag.

Overall, gorgeous.