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High & Low: San Francisco's most and least expensive home sales this week

A commanding Telegraph Hill home sells for a shocking loss

Friday means it’s time for the High & the Low, a Curbed SF column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. So who got what this week, and how much (or little) did they get it for?

Although somewhat modest compared to last week’s highest sale (which approached $10 million), this circa 1995 penthouse at 341 Filbert Street, right next to the steps and in the shadow of Coit Tower, racked up over $4.7 million on Wednesday, which is not exactly lunch money either.

But the three-bed, 3,000-square-foot hideaway listed back in May for nearly $6 million, a roughly half million dollar boost from its previous sale just a year earlier. That means that this latest receipt is actually a loss of nearly three quarters of a million dollars.

"The only explanation I can think of is just the market," says selling agent Gloria Smith of Sotheby’s. "Things are changing, and the owner wanted to sell right now."

So despite the sky high price tag, you could argue that the new buyer got quite a deal. It is a singularly striking home, after all.

But the city’s best deal in volume of dollars was a 655-square-foot apartment at 2001 McAllister Street, which sold for a mere $278,250 today. That price on the 2002 condo surely tips you off that this is a BMR sale, facilitated by the city to first-time buyers making

Possibly more interesting is the second least expensive sale of the week, a matchbox-sized micro unit at the Cubix building, 766 Harrison Street. At a mere 258 square feet, this tiny piece of SOMA commanded $430,000.

If all of that polished concrete and subway tile looks familiar, that’s because we featured it in a roundup of inexpensive homes a few weeks ago and it managed to accrue an extra $11,000 over the list price since then.