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Arty, Wider New Sidewalks Coming to the Haight

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Wider, prettier, and better lit sidewalks are coming to SF”s rue de flower power

For many a San Francisco tourist, the Upper Haight represents rock ’n’ roll in the 1960s. Flower power. Tune in/tune out. But most locals know it’s where the ’90s never died. Doc Martins. Librarian glasses. Manic Panic Vampire Red. But soon a modern refresh will come to the famous neighborhood—specifically, on the sidewalks.

The stretch of concrete on Haight between Laguna and Stanyan (right at western end of Haight Street) will be widened. It will also receive a makeover with new planters, street lights, bus stop reconfiguration, and sidewalk art.

But, as with anything new and shiny in San Francisco, there are some concerns. San Francisco Examiner’s Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez was at a neighborhood community meeting last night and has the details:

"I don’t want to live at Pier 39," said Kate Lust, a 23-year neighborhood resident who was concerned Haight-Ashbury would become too much of a tourist attraction with the new design.

A few in the crowd retorted, "It already is!"

And as for aesthetic specifics, survey participants can choose from two designs for the upcoming new lights and three designs for the colorful new sidewalk concepts.

Two of the proposed designs feature hexagonal mosaic tiles in grey or blue. The third proposal incorporates violet floral patterns inlaid into the sidewalk, which, [Martha Ketterer, a landscape architect for Public Works] said, were inspired by "flower power."

Construction is set to begin in 2018.

Speaking of the Haight, please take a moment to enjoy this thoroughly rapacious video of former neighborhood resident Janis Joplin performing "Piece of My Heart" live.