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1970s Glen Park Hot Tub Party House Asks $2.39 Million

Shingled disco-era home high on the hill stands apart from San Francisco’s dominate architectural flavor

A refreshing break from the Victorian and midcentury so popular in the city, this 1971 shingled contemporary gem, gorgeously leaning on the Glen Park hill, is the perfect family home and/or party palace.

This multi-level house at 210 Beacon features four bedrooms, three and a half baths, and 3,685 square feet. More than enough room for Bianca Jagger to ride in on a white horse.

Of particular note are the high ceilings, massive windows (dig that view from the shower), and angles galore. Kitchen and bathrooms have been updated and new hardwood floors have been installed, but the integrity of this fabulous house remains more or less untouched. In a word, chic.

Oh, and don’t forget the hob tub on the deck.

Asking is $2,398,000.