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Towering Sherwood Forest Tudor Hasn't Sold In 56 Years, Asks $2 Million

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Now that’s a roof

Sherwood Forest is a unique neighborhood. Unique that it’s called "Sherwood Forest." Unique that it includes a "Robinhood Drive." Unique that, at most, it has six streets.

And yet, for its miniscule proportions, infamous remoteness, and seemingly eccentric naming practices, it’s packed with some of San Francisco’s most gorgeous homes, including classics by the likes of Julia Morgan and Harold Stoner.

This gigantic four-bed, Tudor style home at 210 Casitas Avenue doesn’t have starchitect power, but that’s about all this stunner lacks.

If you somehow missed this house in the past despite its sprawling, 18-foot vaulted ceilings that resemble a seismograph readout on a rough day for the San Andreas, that’s because it’s been off the market for 56 years, staying in the same family until it listed today for just under $2 million.

If you get past that overwhelming shingled roof and the forest green trim, the interior features seemingly endless coved ceilings and oak wood. The latticed windows are leaded glass, and several Tudor arches (what else?) give ingress to the entryway, dining room, and formal living room.

The living room ceiling alone is probably worth enough to buy several homes in other cities. Even some of the stranger touches, like the seafoam counters in the kitchen, tile floor in the sunroom, and plum-colored bathroom floor seem somehow classy (albeit eccentric) in a place like this.

City records date the house to 1931. No word on how much it sold for back in 1960. The house itself is a little less than 3,600 feet, but sits on a lot nearly twice that size.