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Art Dealer's Contemporary Dolores Heights Home Asks $5 Million

Pretty enough to frame

It’s a cliche to refer to a house as a work of art. But you might get away with it this time, as the seller of 350 Hill Street in Dolores Heights is Rowland Weinstein, owner of the Weinstein Gallery on Clementina Street.

Weinstein specializes in "non-objective and surrealist art." His gallery made news in 2011 when a New Jersey waiter stole a Picasso in broad daylight via the novel modus operandi of just grabbing it and walking out. So what kind of house appeals to a man with such unabashedly modernist sensibilities?

In this case, a four-bed, three-and-a-half-bath (all marble), 3,400-square-foot bundle that’s now being offered by Paragon at nearly $5 million. Weinstein picked it up four years ago for $3.25 million. The current offer includes permits for a roof deck, should you want to add one.

Although originally built in 1978, folks from those days wouldn’t recognize it anymore, after a complete overhaul by architect John Maniscalco in 2009. (Maniscalco is the same guy who did the gigantic cube atrium in that NOPA Victorian back in April.)

Yes, he’s a man who enjoys extensive use of glass to amplify and direct natural light, as evidenced in this case by the giant folding window in one corner of the sunken living room.

Maniscalco’s mid-century vibes are what attracted its present owner’s high brow in the first place. Compare the house’s severe look in 2009 on Maniscalco’s site to its somewhat jazzier presentation here. The images come with the added bonus of scoping out a bit of the art dealer’s personal collection at home, if you’re feeling curious.