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San Francisco's Most Expensive One-Bedroom Home for Sale is Asking $3.8 Million

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Warmly chic downtown pad gives off “club-like atmosphere”

Photo via Vanguard

This one-bedroom, two-bath pied-à-terre in the Millennium Tower looks like the bad guy’s condo from an ‘80s Oliver Stone movie, which we mean in the best way possible.

Eschewing the bright white interiors so popular these days, this Yerba Buena pad boasts warm wood tones that give it a "club-like atmosphere," according to the ad. Delightful. And dark. But mostly delightful.

Unit #502 at 201 Mission comes with one bedroom, two bathrooms, and 1,800 square feet. Located on the fifth floor, it doesn’t have views galore that some of its neighbors have, but it’s downtown-chic nevertheless.

HOAs come to a whopping $1,987/month. Asking is $3,800,000.

Millennium Tower

301 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 Visit Website