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Final Transbay parcel takes shape in new renderings

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Sixty-story building would rub shoulders with Bay Bridge, Transbay Terminal park

The last piece of San Francisco’s new skyline may have fallen into place last week, with the release of initial renderings for the future of Transbay Parcel F.

This was the final big plot up for development. After various false starts, it finally found a buyer in March, racking up $160 million sale and clearing a potential path for a proposed 60 story building designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli.

As noted on SocketSite, this one will be mostly office space, although it does include 200 units of new housing on it highest floors, which is not something to sneeze at lightly. A previous condo plan for the site came apart last year when developer Crescent Heights balked at the city’s affordable housing demands.

The current team, which includes Pacific Development, Hines, and Goldman Sachs, are apparently more confident that they can chew what the city is asking them to bite off.

As for the look of the building, the night and day renderings suggest that it’s sticking to what seems to have worked for the other parcels: vast expanses of shimmering glass, broken at the bottom by a twisted nest of steel strands.

Immediately adjacent to the Bay Bridge and overlooking what will soon be sprawling green space atop the new Transbay Terminal, 546 Howard Street is a hot ticket site, possibly the last chance to significantly change the city’s skyline for a generation. Now to see if the city and community go for it.