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Bay Area’s Safest Towns 2016, Ranked

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Spoiler alert: San Francisco didn’t make the cut

Pulling data from towns with at least 5,000 residents, Niche, a statistical ranking site, narrowed down the allegedly safest cities for people (safe for socio-economically lucky people, mind you) in the country to live.

While no city in the Golden State managed to crack the top 25 in the country, as previously reported on SFGate, a few of the Bay Area’s most top-drawer towns made the list. The following city data was weighed when it came to creating these ratings: assault rate, robbery rate, murder rate, burglary rate, and vehicle theft rate.

Here are the Bay Area’s top 10 safest cities (accompanied by a home currently on the market):

1. Hillsborough (Ranking by state: 1; ranking nationally: 110)

2. Monte Sereno (2; 143)

3. Tiburon (3; 420)

4. Los Altos Hills (5; 559)

5. Moraga (9; 650)

6. Belvedere (11, 656)

7. Kensington (13, 778)

8. Danville (15, 938)

9. Saratoga (16, 979)

10. Clayton (17, 1003)

Bay Area cities that didn’t make the list? Not so surprisingly San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley failed to make it onto the list of sleepy suburbs.