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Major Lake District Edwardian Renovation Wows, Will Ask $4.49 Million

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Stellar two-unit building is being marketed as a single-family home

You have to hand it to this major redo in San Francisco’s tony sliver of a neighborhood, Lake District. This apparent two-unit structure at 158 Eighth Avenue turned into quite the stunner, both aesthetically and reconfiguration-wise.

What it seems to lack in housing stock—the city planning department rarely approves turning multi-unit buildings into single family houses—it more than makes up for in contemporary razzle and/or dazzle. And while it sure does appear to be a single-family, according to the house’s broker, it is still a two-unit residence. Sort of.

"It’s legally a two-unit building, but it’s being marketed as a single-family home," says Pacific Union International broker Chris O’Connor. "The way the floor plan is now is perfect for a family."

What’s more, there’s only one-kitchen (plus an almost kitchenette) and one main entrance (the front door windows, which appear to have been the pre-renovation entrances, give off the illusion of a multi-unit building), with no visible division between the aforementioned two units.

Draw from that what you will.

But the entire house is quite stunning what with the side spiral staircase, luxe bathrooms, updated kitchen, and more. The rooftop deck is, of course, downright bonkers, replete with stellar views.

This Edwardian pad comes with four bedrooms, three and a half baths, and 2,996 square feet.

Asking price is $4,495,000.