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15 Photos of San Francisco’s Jaw-Dropping Fireworks Spectacular

Oh, Karl

On July 4th, the United States celebrates Independence Day. And on that very same day, coincidentally, San Francisco takes part in its annual illumination of the fog ceremony.

For—what?—the third year in a row (fourth? fifth? eighth?), San Francisco honored Karl the Fog last night by shooting up fireworks into the sky, creating a diffused effect for all of SF to look up at, take a deep breath, and sigh, “Not again.”

But seriously, the plush quilt of fog that lays over the city during the 4th of July has become something of a tradition in and of itself. While some bemoan the thick layer of grey, others love the affect it creates during the annual fireworks shows on the bay.

Here are some scenes from last night’s misty color pops sort of seen overhead.

Happy Fog of July! #fourthofjuly #4thofjuly #sanfrancisco #karlthefog #marinagirl #madeinamerica #fireworks

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fireworks sadness

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red, white, & blue clouds during the San Francisco fireworks show ☁ #karlthefog

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Merica #happy4th #merica #fireworksinthecity #sf #karlthefog @karlthefog

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#karlthefog totally jacked up our view of the fireworks (and made it really cold) but no complaints

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The fog made for an interesting fireworks show. #karlthefog #sanfrancisco #fourthofuly

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July 4th. #usa #july4th #indypendenceday #sanfrancisco #gopro #goproheropluslcd #ryotausa2016

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The traditional "Fog Lighting Ceramony" happens every 4th of July in San Francisco

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