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Besides Dolores, which SF park is your favorite, and why?

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Because there’s more to the city than what’s happening near 18th and Dolores

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we ask you to speak up about topics of interest, eviction, gentrification, ultra-chic housing, renovation, and more. Have something you want brought to the table? Let us know.

Speaking of parks, sure. Dolores Park is the be all. It is the end all. Once a richly textured tapestry of socio-economic and zany personality types on any given weekend, it’s now as exciting and original as a “Thriller” flashmob. What’s more, it has too much trash and not nearly enough shade. It’s also overcrowded, overwrought, and, for some, just plain over.

Weekends in San Francisco #SanFrancisco #

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What are some other parks in San Francisco that you prefer for weekend frolicking? Which patch of public grass do you kick it with pals while sipping La Croix and eating tacos. From Lafayette to Preceita, we know there are a bevy of places from which to choose, but we want to know why you like them.

Let us know. And put a photo of your favorite park in the comments if possible.