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Under $700K Club: Inner Sunset top-floor flat asks $599,000

TIC in cool blue building offers cozy living in hot neighborhood

It’s the Under $700K club, where we salute those home listings that manage to keep their initial list price well under seven figures, especially in this time of excess. Which is getting harder every week, since even with the housing market largely snoozing compared to recent years, the average price a home in San Francisco is still creeping toward $1.4 million.

Today’s offering is at 1345 16th Avenue in the Inner Sunset, inside a stunning 1924 building. Featuring one bed, one bath, and 800 square feet, this is one downright darling TIC.

It comes with intact period details, French doors opening up into the bedroom, hardwood floors, new kitchen and one bath. Also of note is the walk-in closet that could double as a small office.


HOAs are $301/month. Asking is $599,000.