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AT&T Park Had a Sleepover on the Field Last Night


Oh boy, was it glacial last night. But that didn’t stop people from taking part in AT&T Park’s Slumber Party in the Park. After Wednesday night’s unfortunate defeat to the last-place Cincinnati Reds (ugh), people paid upward of $260 to spend the night outside on the field.


But what fun they had. Folks were given slumber "party favors" (whatever those were), dinner, snacks, games, midnight movie, and more. Plus, they were treated to breakfast in the morning.

But still, it was quite chilly last night. We cannot imagine intentionally spending the night outside, especially right next to the bay. (The park is infamous for hitting low temperatures come nightfall.) But getting to sleep on the same field where our heroic thrice World Series-nabbing San Francisco Giants play does come with bragging rights, cold be damned.

Here are some scenes from last night’s sleepover in the park.

Spend the night on the field? Yes please. ⛺️ #ATTSlumberParty #SFGiants

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How do you throw the perfect slumber party? Serve pizza! #attslumberparty #sfgiants #pizza

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The Battle of the Bay wages on! #attslumberparty

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!! Sleepover at ATT Park !! #attslumberparty

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