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20 photos of dogs enjoying San Francisco parks

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All of these dogs deserve an appaws

Yes, there are more dogs than children in San Francisco. But you don’t need the latest estimates from the U.S. Census and the City of San Francisco to know that. Just look up from your phone any time you’re outside and you’ll witness a Chiweenie (cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund) or Dorkie (cross between a Dachshund and a Yorkie) or a Cockapoo (cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle) sashaying down the street.

San Francisco’s also rich with parks that are dog-friendly. Whether off leash or on, in a designated area or not, adorable dogs always play a role in the backdrop of any city park.

These images of perfect pups also serve as a reminder that today, April 11, is National Pet Day. Honor your best friend with a toy, jog at the park, and serious cuddle time. Don't have a pet yet? Adopt one today.

  1. A pawsome Golden Retriever named Melody enjoying a nice day at Fort Funston beach

2. This pack of fur-ever friends taking a break from a walk to run around the off leash area at Lafayette Park

#HappyFriday #Bassethound #miniaturepincher #Dotson #longhairedDotson #TGIF

A photo posted by April & Jelly Bean (@walkitoffsf) on

3. This Standard Poodle named Phoebe at Rincon Hill Dog Park is looking quite fetching

No pups at the park for me to play with... #phoebethestandard #rinconhilldogpark #southbeach #baybridge #rinconhill #embarcadero

A photo posted by Phoebe Elizabeth Alfaro (@phoebethestandard) on

4. A French Bulldog named Spartacus visits with Lilou the pig at Huntington Park

5. Franklin the Chocolate Lab is obviously super excited to be at Lafayette Park

6. Calhoun the Cavapoo dares you to try to steal her ball at Huntington Park

7. This Shiba Inu at Stern Grove is ready for dinner. Bone appetit!

6/1/16 - Evening walk with the hoomans. #Nature #SternGrove

A photo posted by υna and eх тнe нιвa nυѕ (@highfivshy) on

8. An Australian Shepherd and his BFF the Border Collie at are such good friends that they share a stick

9. This Saint Bernard at Crissy Field deserves a spread in Vanity Fur

10. You will never be as cool as this pack of dogs ruffing it at McLaren Park

11. This dog is appreciating the view that Bernal Heights Park provides

12. This Doodle and Husky pair are enjoying Corona Heights Park together

13. An Afghan Hound making a new friend at the Upper Douglass Dog Park

Found a new park that's not scary and there's all kinds of new friends, like Nico the #afganhound!

A photo posted by Charlie Mieuli (@shycharliedog) on

14. This Schnauzer at Precita Park just wants to say hello

15. This good-looking pack at Crissy Field is giving #squadgoals

16. Is this Brussels Griffon at Fort Funston responsible for the background graffiti?

17. This pup at Crissy Field is ready for his close-up

Happy #Sunday furpals! #goldengatebridge #morningfog #summerfun #beachday

A photo posted by Oscar the Westie mix (@oscarelli_oscaroo) on

18. These Pit bull besties are having a blast at the Mission Bay Dog Park

A photo posted by Frances (@dogswag) on

19. Winston the Goldendoodle has made a new friend (no one tell Winston that it’s a tree)

Went on a hike and made a new friend! #goldendoodle #dogsofinstagram #pareidolia #sterngrove

A photo posted by Winston Theodore (@winston_theodore) on

20. Sasha the Sharpei living her best life at Lafayette Park

Wish every day was easy like Sunday morning.

A photo posted by Sasha (@sashathesharpei) on

Corona Heights Park

Roosevelt Way, , CA 94114 (415) 831-2700 Visit Website

Lake Merced

, San Francisco, CA 94132

Fort Funston

500 Skyline Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94132

Rincon Hill Dog Park

Beale Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 Visit Website

Crissy Field

1199 East Beach, San Francisco, CA 94129 Visit Website