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This Untouched 1980s Oakland Hills Estate Will Drop Your Jaw

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Built by a baseball legend, this home will bring back memories of Reagan-era real estate

Built in 1980, this palatial estate is owned by baseball great Joe Morgan. As realtor Chimere Washington tells Curbed SF, the former Cincinnati Reds great has decided to put his unabashedly 1980s abode at 5588 Fernhoff Road on the market this week, asking a cool $2,800,000.

The structure itself is stunning due in large part because it was the brainchild of designer Aaron Green, noted for the Bay Area's foremost proponent of Frank Lloyd Wright's organic architecture.

Featuring four beds, three and a half baths, and 5,008 square feet, this house comes with a pool, bar, a carpeted staircase that should bring back memories, stone/brick interiors, a billiards room, and a bathroom that would fill all of your rainforest-tinged desires.

Do take note of the monogramed front gate—alas, no one monograms their front gates anymore—and the carpet surrounding the bathtub inside the navy blue bathroom.

The only thing this Oakland Hills place needs to make it more ‘80s chic is Michelle Pfeiffer riding down a glass elevator.

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