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This Is The Most Expensive Home For Sale In Tiburon

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The costliest home in one of the Bay Area’s toniest cities

Following on the high heels of the most pricey Napa property on the market, check out 3 Via Paraiso, the most expensive home for sale in Tiburon right now.

Built in 1992, this clearly contemporary has all the trappings of an affectedly post residence—tennis court, infinity pool, four-car garage, and a master closet larger than most Tenderloin studios.

Overall, this pad features five bed, six baths, and a bonkers 8,500 square feet. The geometric facade is decent, but the entire place could use a makeover of some sort. Exactly what kind is anyone’s guess—possibly like this stunner, which sold for a record-breaking $13 million in February.

Asking is $14,925,000.