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Opponents Appeal Golden State Warriors’ Arena Victory

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The saga continues. Again. And again.

A week after the Golden State Warriors won a major battle in the (ongoing) fight over moving to San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood, foes of the program launched an appeal. Like Bernie Bros at a DNC rally, they don’t want to back down even in the face of overwhelming odds.

“Such an important environmental matter will be ultimately decided in the Court of Appeal,” Osha Meserve, an environmental attorney for appellants The Mission Bay Alliance, Jennifer Wade and SaveMuni, said in a written statement. “The violations of environmental laws are blatant.”

Opposition to the 18,500-seat Chase Center arena keeps losing., which has cost a lot. But financial backing from UCSF has helped them toss the groups’s hat back into the legal arena again and again.

Arguments against the $1 billion entertainment/sports center have ran the gamut from the need to help patients who require swift access to the children’s hospital to increased congestion along Third Street, the neighborhood’s major thoroughfare. The opposition’s main bullet point, however, revolves around an allegedly inadequate and outdated environmental review.

But the championship franchise thinks that argument is rubbish.

“The Warriors engaged in an extensive public planning process over several years,” P.J. Johnston, spokesman for the Warriors, tells San Francisco Chronicle. “Our plan has been upheld by every regulatory agency and received unanimous approval at the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. Now our plan has been upheld by the Superior Court.”

As for court of public opinion, let’s enjoy noted architecture critic John King’s take on this entire brouhaha.

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