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Outer Sunset Home Goes Full-Blown Renovation, Asks $1.44 Million

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The recessed lighting trend continues unabated in contemporary makeovers

The battle between overhead and low lighting is over. The former has won. For now. And until the tide turns toward the softer side of illumination (e.g., the return of sconces, 20-watt bulbs, et al.), let’s take a look at one Outer Sunset renovation that revels in all of its recessed-lit glory.

A five-bedroom, three-bath, 2,996-square-feet home at 1622 21st Avenue has landed on the market. The traditional home was dramatically renovated after being sold in 2015 for $851,000.

As evidenced by its former self, the period details and moldings have been removed and replaced with an open-floor plan, clean lines, and recessed lighting galore.

The house is broken up over two floors—three bedroom and two baths on the main floor, two bedrooms and one bath on the lower floor. The sky-blue has (mercifully) remains more or less the same.

Lovely albeit quite a change.

Asking is $1,449,000.

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